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Carlack 68 Complete 5 Litres

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Carlack Complete blurs the line between paint cleaners and sealants as it has excellent cleaning properties but also lays down a coat of acrylic protection. It is one of our favourite paint preparation products and we regularly reach for it to prepare painted surfaces for receiving further layers of sealant or wax protection. Carlack Complete is the result of more than half a century of specialised research and development in paint care, and based on its incredible abilities we doubt anyone could dispute this. In a single application, Carlack Complete flushes out deep-seated dirt and grime from painted surfaces and simultaneously lays down tough acrylic polymers to form an elastic sealing layer that is perfectly primed to receive additional coats of protection. We are always amazed at just how much dirt and grime Carlack Complete flushes out of clean looking surfaces; brand new applicator Pads always become grubby looking during use, even after performing an extremely thorough three stage decontamination process first. A further benefit of the incredibly smooth and level coating laid down by Carlack Complete is the stunning finish it gives, which is best described by mirror-like reflectivity, razor sharp clarity and, on metallic and pearlescent finishes, the most intense degree of flake pop imaginable. In summary, Carlack Complete is an exceptional paint cleaner that also lays down an aesthetically pleasing layer of acrylic protection. Given its abilities, and that it can be used to clean and seal high gloss plastics and polished metals too, it's definitely a product we could not be without.
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