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Carlack Excellence Complete 500ml

Carlack Excellence Complete Paint Cleanser Polish Sealant with Carnauba Wax
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Carlack Excellence Complete 500ml

Carnauba system care is what every car paintwork deserves.

A highly effective paintwork cleaner and a sealant based on synthetic polymers and 100% finest natural carnauba wax.

Carlack Excellence Complete Carnauba is the ultimate combination of highly effective paintwork cleaner and a sealant based on synthetic polymers and 100% finest natural carnauba wax.

The simplest application gives the paintwork a deep clean. Even during the drying phase, the high-quality components noticeably improve the paintwork surface. Without energy-sapping polishing you can achieve the perfect show car finish with an impressive deep shine.

Carlack Excellence Complete Carnauba is the newest creation of our manufacturing department and combines 50 years of experience in sealant technology with the best that nature has to offer your vehicle.

Best Care With High-Quality Components Typical contamination, such as tar, oil, soot and insects are dissolved and bound when applying the cleansing active substances. The sealant protects for months against the effects of weather, such as ultraviolet radiation and acids from bird excretions or plant sap. The ageing process of the material is significantly delayed. Carlack Excellence Complete Carnauba creates a smooth surface structure which repels water and dirt. Fine scratches in the paintwork become invisible; the natural colours take on a brilliant intensity. Carlack Excellence Complete Carnauba contains no abrasives, is environmentally friendly, biodegradable and contains no toxins or solvents.


Wash the vehicle thoroughly as usual.

Apply a thin layer of Carlack Excellence Complete onto the paintwork using a clean soft cloth. The vehicle does not need to be dried before applying the product.

Wait at least 30 minutes for the product to dry (avoid strong sunlight). For a streak-free and smear-free shine the product needs to be fully dry.

Thoroughly wipe off the dried-on product residues with clean, soft cotton cloth or microfibre suitable for paintwork. Like these Maxolen Super Plush Microfibre. Maxolen Microfibre 400gsm

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