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Klager Solvent Pressure Sprayer 1Ltr

Klager Quality Heavy Duty Brake Cleaner Pump Up Solvent Pressure Sprayer 1Ltr
£16.91 £14.09
Technically advanced Heavy Duty Commercial quality device for spraying large quantities of liquid. With heavy duty solvent resistant seals.

Has many uses including spraying solvents and chemicals and is ideal tool for applying brake cleaners etc.

This sprayer has the reputation of being one of the best on the market and is available in 1 Litre Version

Technical Data
Pressure build-up in the liquid container by pumping.
A mere push on the spray button ensures an even and constant mist, which can be regulated by turning the nozzle nut.

Polypropylene, polyethylene, polyamide (glass fibre-reinforced), stainless steel, NBR (standard)
Fill quantity: 1.3 l maximum.
Operating pressure: 3 bar/safety valve
Nozzle (standard): Plastic 0.8 mm

Made in Germany by Kläger Plastik GMBH

Problems with sprayers that do not function properly can often be traced to corroded metal parts, clogged nozzles or damaged seals or from using the wrong Solution in a Sprayer, for instance using Acid in an Alkaline Sprayer or visa versa.

Rust and corrosion are often caused by leaving chemical solutions in sprayers and can be prevented by cleaning after use. Clogging often happens when dirt or undissolved particles of powdered chemicals get into sprayer hoses and nozzles. These same particles can also damage seals.

To prevent clogging, premix dry powders in a separate container with the recommended amount of water, mixing thoroughly before pouring into the sprayer. If spraying wet-table powders, use a paint filter or household strainer to filter out undissolved particles when pouring mixture into the tank. 
It would also be a good idea to shake the sprayer occasionally while spraying to keep the solution mixed.

If the nozzle becomes clogged, remove it from the spray wand and clean with a toothpick or similar pointed object. If this fails, reverse flush with water until the blockage is dissolved or flushed out.

To avoid cross contamination between chemicals, corrosion or clogging, clean the sprayer after each use with a small amount of soap dissolved in water. Then rinse with clean water until the sprayer is completely clean. Empty and dry sprayer then store in a dry place.

Cleaning is very important if an herbicide was used in the sprayer because any remaining residue could damage plants sprayed at a later time. It is usually best to keep a separate sprayer for weed killers only and have it clearly marked.

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More Information
Product Name Klager Solvent Pressure Sprayer 1Ltr
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Manufacturer Klager
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