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Rupes 9.BF170FM 170mm Fine Microfiber Yellow

Rupes 9.BF170FM White Microfiber Polishing Pad 150/170mm Hook & Loop Fitting
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The Rupes BigFoot Fine Microfiber Polishing Pad is engineered specifically for polishing harder paint types with the long-throw free-spinning dual action polishers in the Rupes BigFoot Random Orbital Polishing System.

Unusually, it is manufactured using a patented moulding process in which a polyurethane resin is injected directly into a bevelled mould delineated by the hook and loop fastening material and the microfibre facing material.

As a result, the resin cross-links directly to both materials to form a stable and secure bond without the use of adhesives.

Once the moulding process is complete, each Rupes BigFoot Fine Microfiber Polishing Pad is then die-cut to produce a centering hole and an evenly spaced pattern of spiral slots.

The purpose of these slots is not only to form an efficient airflow pathway for effective heat dissipation, but also to lighten the pad for optimal machine balance.

Furthermore, the innovative spiral design also helps to ensure controlled and even spreading of the polishing compound on the paint surface.

The durable hook and loop backing is specifically designed to be able to withstand the high lateral forces generated by long-throw dual action polishers, while the splayed side profile maximises access and safety when working in hard to reach spots.

The Rupes BigFoot Fine Microfiber Polishing Pad is currently available in three different sizes.
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